How Much Do Movers Make

How Much Do Movers Make

How Much Do Movers Make

How much do movers make? Well…that’s a good question. Not an easy one to answer, but a good question.

Hello Movers I’m Jae Burnham from and I’ve been a professional mover for almost 10 years now.

I can’t answer for all movers, but I can answer how much I make.

When I first started my business I didn’t make all the much. I started literally half way through the year and gross almost $35K.

You can see the video of how I started my moving business here:

Now that was pretty good. But as I learned the business and started doing bigger and bigger jobs, I made a lot more money.

I have run as many as 4 crews at a time and I’ve grossed just shy of $300K.

And you have to understand that I was mostly renting trucks for my moves. So a lot of my profit was eaten by the rental and mileage cost I had to some other company. Had I owned my own trucks my profit would have been through the roof.

So that is tip number one: As soon as you can get your own truck(s) for the moves. You’ll be able to pocket so much more which can go back into the company.

Of course I can’t tell you your moving company revenue. I can only give you clues to how much you should be averaging.

How you figure your company’s average is divide your gross income by the number of jobs you did for that year.

For me, my average was $1500 per job.

I did on average about 16 moves a month which makes my monthly income about $24K average.

Obviously, some months I did more, some I did less.

I would say, based on my knowledge $1500 per move is right around where you want to be.

So is starting a moving business a good idea? For me yes. For you, it truly depends on how much you need and want to make. And it depends on how hard you are willing to really commit to the business.

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